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Talent Search Testing - ACT

ACT Test Registration Material

The ACT a is a standardized multiple choice test usually used by colleges and universities to objectively determine students readiness for the rigors of college studies. Most students take this test in high school. As used by CTY, the ACT provides more information about a child’s mathematical and reading/verbal strengths. How is this? The ACT establishes a much higher “ceiling” than the grade-level exams children normally take. A child who tests in higher percentiles of the ACT is a very good candidate for more challenging course work and other modifications to a school curriculum. Such information should have a great impact on the future educational pathways.


Test fee: $36.50
Test length: 3 ½ to 4 hours
36 possible points
4 sections (English, Mathematics, Reading, Science)
Note: CTY only considers the Mathematics and Reading sections for awards and course eligibility.
Optional Writing Test
No penalty for guessing