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In our webinars, you can explore everything CTY has to offer--even ask questions in real time--from the comfort of your home or office. Webinars are live video presentations streamed over the Internet. While you learn about a range of topics (see list below), you can type in questions, talk to the presenter over the phone, or just listen.



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Opening Doors for Top Students

Please join us for an overview of CTY's Talent Search: Grades 2-8, including benefits of participating, information on registering and testing, and an overview of CTY opportunities. Presentation includes a discussion of common myths about the gifted and their social and emotional needs, as well as challenges, support and resources for gifted students.

Wednesdays @ 8:00 pm

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CTY TestingExplanation of CTY's testing philosophy and why we test. Reviews general instructions on how to register to test. Discusses formats of SCAT, SAT, ACT, and STB tests. Provides valuable test-taking tips.

Wednesdays at Noon

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CTY ProgramsPlease join us to learn about the wide variety of programs available to bright young students who test with CTY. Each of the three main CTY programs (Summer, Online and Family) will be covered in depth.

Wednesdays at Noon

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My child tested with CTY. Now what?This presentation will cover how to interpret test scores and what parents can do with the test scores. We will provide recommendations for different levels of scores and address the variety of CTY programs and courses available to testers.


Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program

A national scholarship for seventh-graders with an outstanding academic record and significant financial need. This session will cover the ins and outs of the application process for parents, students, educators, and anyone with an interest. Basic information about the award is available here.

Scholarship Opportunity for Gifted Students living in Rural CommunitiesFor educators and families living in rural areas of the United States, Rural Connections is a new CTY opportunity for students in grades 7-9 with financial need that includes scholarships to CTY Summer Programs. Learn all about the 2014 CTY Summer Programs and find out about course options and financial aid opportunities. Ask questions and find out more directly from the Rural Connections Program Director.TBD
Understanding the Gifted Underachiever and Twice Exceptional StudentsWhen a bright child struggles in school, it can be extremely confusing and frustrating for parents. Bright underachievers are frequently labeled as lazy, but they may actually have learning differences that are impeding their success.  Not all bright students are alike!  In fact, bright students can have significant learning differences and can be considered twice-exceptional.  One of our licensed psychologists, who works in the Diagnostic and Counseling Center, will discuss common characteristics of the gifted underachiever and strategies to help these children perform at a level more commensurate with their potential.TBD

CTY Webinars

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Learn more about CTY from the comfort of your home or office!

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