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Our Alumni

As an alum, you know that CTY has tapped into something really special that is too rare — allowing young people to form social bonds based on shared academic interests. Your summers at CTY allowed you to learn under the leadership of bright instructors from top universities, form a circle of close friends and shout the lyrics to "American Pie" at the top of your lungs, and meet people, now hopefully lifelong friends, from every corner of the world. The CTY Alumni Scholarship Fund helps students from families of limited financial means attend CTY and experience those same things.

Join other alumni in sharing this amazing experience with a new generation of CTYers who may otherwise not be able to afford to attend. Give them the chance to be challenged, educated, and nurtured, like you were, surrounded by others who share their exceptional abilities and passion for learning.

Let's make sure the next generation of CTYers has their slice of American Pie!