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Summer Programs

International Programs: CTY Hong Kong

CTY offers programs in Hong Kong for students who will have completed grades 2-10. There is a day site for students in grades 2-6 offered in conjunction with ISF Academy and a residential site for students in grades 7-10 offered in conjunction with the University of Hong Kong.

Important note: Due to Hong Kong Educational Visa requirements, residents of Taiwan and of Mainland China without foreign passports will NOT be able to attend Hong Kong sites. Moreover, every student who is not a resident of Hong Kong is required to obtain an educational visa to participate in the program. Unfortunately, the HK Immigration Department will not approve visas for Taiwanese or Mainland students to attend our programs in Hong Kong.  Eligible students from the Mainland and from Taiwan are able to get visas to attend sites in the US.

Hong Kong Catalog and Resources:

Program dates for 2016:

July 10 - July 29

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Special Testing Options

  • Special SCAT testing:
    Hong Kong - January 11 Shanghai - January 18