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Summer Programs for Grades 7-12

CTY offers four residential programs for qualified students who have completed grades 7 and above. Please see the links below for more information on each of these gifted and talented programs.

Intensive Studies (Grades 7 and Above)

CTY: Intensive Studies for 7th Graders and Above is available to students whose scores on designated standardized tests place them above the mean for college-bound high school seniors. Please visit our Intensive Studies page for more information:

Academic Explorations (Grades 7 and Above)

CTY: Academic Explorations for 7th Graders and Above is available to students with a wider range of test scores. Please visit our Academic Explorations page for more information:

Civic Leadership (Grades 9-12)

The Civic Leadership Institute is offered at site locations in Baltimore, Maryland, and Berkeley, California. Students must have completed grade 9 or above to attend the Civic Leadership program. Please visit the Civic Leadership site for more information:

Global Issues (Grades 10-12)

This program, focusing on Global Issues in the 21st Century is offered at Princeton University. Students must have completed grade 10 or above to attend the Princeton program. Please visit the Global Issues at Princeton site for more information:

Need to know the programs and courses for which you qualify?
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