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“I would recommend CTY Talent Search and testing because it gives kids an opportunity to branch out of their typical school curriculum and gain new types of knowledge.” -- Taylor, Hillsborough, California

“I would recommend CTY's Talent Search program and testing because it’s fun. I was challenged to do more than what I thought I could.” -- Stephen, Simi Valley, California

“The exam was not frightening at all! I went to the CTY math course which I enjoyed a lot and it made me a lot better at math. And I had a lot of fun and made new friends.” -- Rebecca, Los Angeles, California

“The CTY experience complements my regular school program by preparing me for higher levels of academic achievement.” -- Akito, Newark, Delaware

“CTY’s programs provided me with a great educational opportunity that ultimately helped me advance within my school's system.” -- Graham, Kamuela, Hawaii

“CTY opened many doors for me.”-- Nini, Ellicott City, Maryland

“CTY programs help students transform academic strengths into lifelong passions.”
Mason, Rockville, Maryland

“Through CTY, I learned that you can be smart and have fun being smart!”
Audrey, Baltimore, Maryland

“My father told me when I was younger that to get really good at anything, you’ve got to do three things: do more of it than anybody else, find good mentors, and find your peers. CTY brought all three to me.” -- Megan, Madison, New Jersey

“CTY helped me learn . . . that there are others like me.” -- Joel, Atco, New Jersey

“I recommend the Talent Search because I enjoyed taking the test to see what my true capabilities were. It's also good practice for standardized tests.”
Katharine, Honeoye Falls, New York

“CTY’s Talent Search and testing have helped me greatly in school.”
Sarah, Old Saybrook, New York

“The CTY program at Stanford University was fun and had a good balance of socialization, fun/games and class work with many great students.”
Megan, Portland, Oregon

“CTY creates an atmosphere in which kids can excel academically and develop personally.” -- Rebecca, Merion, Pennsylvania

“CTY has helped me get the most out of regular school.” -- Allison, Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania

“At CTY you can make friends from all over the world and keep up your studies during summer” -- Tiesha, Chesapeake City, Virginia

“I'd recommend CTY’s Talent Search testing because it challenges your abilities and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses.” -- Martin, Green Bank, West Virginia