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Date: Mar 2013

Media Contact: Maria Blackburn
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BALTIMORE MARCH 27, 2013 — Marcelo Sanjinés, a middle school Spanish teacher at Open Window School in Bellevue, Washington is the winner of a national teaching award from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) in recognition of his dedication to and love of teaching.

Sanjinés was selected as the winner of the Friedel and Otto Eberspacher Award for Excellence in the Teaching of a Modern Western European Language. The award was established in 1989 by Lieselotte E. Kurth of Johns Hopkins University’s German Department to promote the teaching of modern languages and recognize the dedication of educators who instill in young people the desire to better understand the people and cultures of the world. The award, which is administered by CTY, includes a $1,500 prize...Read more.

CTY's executive director, Elaine T. Hansen, penned an op-ed on college readiness for The Chronicle of Higher Education, published March 15, 2013. Full text is below:...Read more.

College readiness is an important issue not just for struggling students, but for top students, too, CTY executive director Elaine Tuttle Hansen writes in an op-ed published in the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Read it here:

CTY Genomics ClassResearchers from the Johns Hopkins Center for Epigenetics and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth have found that hands-on lab research in high school influences career plans for gifted minority students. Read more ...