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Questioning recent claims about academic talent and grit, CTY leader Elaine Hansen shared lessons learned from our smart teachers and students in an op-ed for The Baltimore Sun, published October 17, 2014. Full text is below:

Smart Is Not a Dirty Word

By Elaine Tuttle Hansen

As the school year hits its stride, many parents and teachers of K-12 students feel overburdened with all-too-familiar concerns about failing schools, common core standards and teaching to the test. Now experts are adding one more thing to worry about: grit. ...Click here to read more.

The starting point for all of CTY's multi-tiered programs is the CTY Talent Search, which is now accepting applications. Testing helps you discover your child’s abilities, can lead to recognition at state academic ceremonies, and can open doors to CTY’s courses and services. Register online now!

CTY first earned accreditation in 2004, through the Middle States Asssociation of Colleges and Schools (MSA). MSA is a voluntary, non-profit organization committed to excellence in education, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a "reliable authority as to the quality of education."

Educational institutions seek accreditation to obtain an impartial, third party validation that the institution meets challenging standards of quality, and that it has planning processes in place to continually improve. After an interim evaluation visit, CTY's accreditation was renewed in 2009 for five years.

Keep up to date with CTY's current 2014 re-accreditation process here.

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BALTIMORE, MAY 1, 2014—Behind the doors of CTY’s new research lab are the kinds of fun objects most kids can’t wait to play with. From Legos, tangram puzzles and maze games to Barbie dolls and daring video games complete with 3D virtual reality headsets, it’s got it all....Click here to read more.

International Pathways to U.S. Universities. CTY offers this unique travel program, with workshops designed especially for international students interested in studying at US universities, and their parents.  Students and parents travel, tour, and learn together in this small and focused 6 day/5 night experience. Read more.

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