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Employment Reference Form


Candidates may not be employed until we have at least two references on file:

  1. A reference from from the candidate's most recent employer in work relevant to CTY.
  2. A reference from an employer who has supervised the candidate's work experience with children.

There are two methods for completing an employment reference. You may either print a reference form and have your referrer complete it by hand, or fill have the referrer fill out the form using a keyboard. You may download a reference form below.

If possible, you should upload your completed reference forms at the time you submit your application and resume. Otherwise, please complete the application and, as soon as possible, email your transcript(s) and Employment Reference Forms to or fax them to 866-345-3731.

Download Forms

Two versions of the Employment Reference Form are available below. The first is a .pdf document to be downloaded and completed by hand. Download the .pdf document below, print it out, and then complete it by hand.

Employment Reference Form (to be printed and completed by hand)

The second version is an MS Word form to be completed by keyboard. Download the Word document below, and then complete the form by typing into the gray fields. Once completed, you may either print and send the form by mail or send it electronically to us at the email address above.

Employment Reference Form (to be completed by keyboard)

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“I had an amazing experience—it was a fun, relaxed, respectful, and hardworking environment all at once. There was an incredible energy in the classroom.” 

From a CTY Teaching Assistant