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Apply to Teach the Young Readers’ Series, Young Adult Readers’ Series, or Grammar FUNdamentals Courses

CTYOnline seeks part-time instructors to work from home. Hiring for CTYOnline is very competitive. Each year, we receive many more applications than we have positions available. Because our student enrollment varies during the year, we need instructors who are willing to be flexible. While sometimes we need instructors to begin as soon as the necessary background checks are completed, many of our instructors must wait several months before we can offer them a classroom. Most of our openings for new instructors are for our summer sessions, and we begin interviewing in March.

Information about courses

For a list of CTYOnline Young Readers’ Series, Young Adult Readers’ Series, and Grammar FUNdamentals courses, please visit the CTYOnline List of Courses. Note that the Young Readers’ Series, the Young Adult Readers’ Series and Grammar FUNdamentals courses are all session-based. Courses are offered during the fall [10 week}, early spring [10 week], midspring [10 week], early summer [12 week], and midsummer intensive [5 week] sessions. Courses are ungraded unless grades are specifically requested by parents, but instructors are expected to post extensive individualized feedback for each lesson and a detailed final evaluation.