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September/October 2017 • Medicine & Health Sciences


From Theory to Technique (PDF) • Two summers of biology at CTY

Member of the (Future Doctors) Club • Exploring medical careers in school and beyond

Innovating for the Real World (PDF) • The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge

Researching a Vaccine to Prevent Cancer • One student’s contribution

Where Wondering Can Lead • Health-related research projects by teens

Augmented Medicine • How artificial intelligence is changing the practice of medicine

The Next Big Thing • Lifesaving advances in healthcare delivery

Helping Hands, Helping Hearts • Making a difference in the lives of young people

Careers to Watch • In-demand careers in the health sciences


Big Picture

In My Own Words (PDF) • Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen

Selected Opportunities & Resources

Exploring Career Options • Interview with nurse anesthetist Faresha Sims

One Step Ahead (PDF) • Why I chose a BS/MD program

Planning Ahead for College (PDF) • Could your digital footprint affect your college admissions?

Students Review • Yale University

Creative Minds Imagine • Poetry contest winners

Off the Shelf • Review of Ellie Marney’s Every Breath

Word Wise

Mark Your Calendar

Knossos Games

Related Content

These articles were published in previous issues of Imagine:

Creatures Great and Small (PDF) • Explorations in veterinary medicine

Epic Epidemics (PDF) • Studying the History of Disease at CTY

Career Profile (PDF) • Epidemiologist

Career Profile (PDF) • Geneticist

Career Profile (PDF) • Physical Therapist

For the Greater Good (PDF) • Majoring in public health

In My Own Words (PDF) • Thomas Marshburn, M.D.

In My Own Words (PDF) • Feng Zhang, Ph.D.

The Medical Examiner Is In (PDF) • Interview with Dr. Jan Garavaglia

My Summer at SIMR (PDF) • The Stanford Institutes of Medicine Research Program


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