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Imagine Cover, March/April 2018, Planet Earth











March/April 2018 • Planet Earth


Imprints From the Past (PDF) • Studying paleobiology at CTY

The Lab Outdoors • The Earthwatch Student Fellowship Program

Exhilarating, Educational…Envirothon! (PDF)

Preserving Florida’s Unique Ecosystem

Sharing a Passion for Water • The Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Building Smarter Homes • The Solar Decathlon

Tibetan Diary • Seeking serenity at 20,000 feet

How Can I Help? • Working in the earth sciences

Exploring the Heart of Earth’s Climate System • Interview with oceanographer Hilary Palevsky

Citizen Science (PDF) • Everyday observations that count


Big Picture

In My Own Words • Economist Jeffrey Sachs

Selected Opportunities & Resources

Off the Shelf • Review of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Word Wise

One Step Ahead • Playing a sport in college

Planning Ahead for College (PDF) • Speaking confidently

Students Review • Bowdoin College

Mark Your Calendar

Knossos Games

Related Content

Becoming a Steward of the Seas (PDF) • The National Ocean Sciences Bowl

BlackGold Miners (PDF) • Saving money and the planet

Career Profile (PDF) • Geoscientist

Career Profile (PDF) • Wildlife biologist

Going Full Circle with Ocean Conservation (PDF)

At Home in the Water (PDF)

Journey to the Frozen Continent (PDF) • Students on Ice

Jump-Starting Nature (PDF) • Using science to save an endangered species

Sensing Danger (PDF) • An early-warning system for earthquakes

The Week I Turned Green (PDF)


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