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Imagine Cover for January/February 2017












January/February 2017 • Biology


Creatures Great and Small • Explorations in Veterinary Medicine at Cornell

Jump-Starting Nature (PDF) • Using science to save an endangered species

Under Construction • Forging a path in synthetic biology

Sequencing My Future • Six weeks at NYU’s Langone Medical Center

Life Lessons • Adventures in science at the USABO and IBO

Better Science, Brought to You by High School Students • Snapshots of award-winning biology projects

My Life with Birds (PDF) • An ornithologist in training

Joining the Fight Against Cancer (PDF) • My internship at NIH

Citizen Science • A win-win situation

MIT INSPIRE • Promoting the power of humanities research



Big Picture

In My Own Words (PDF) • Feng Zhang, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, MIT

Selected Opportunities & Resources

Off the Shelf • Review of Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Word Wise

Exploring Career Options • Interview with biomedical engineer Warren Grayson

One Step Ahead • Out of the box

Planning Ahead for College • Want a research internship? Make it happen!

Students Review • Boston University

Creative Minds Imagine • Essay contest winners

Mark Your Calendar

Knossos Games



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CTY Paleobiology (PDF) • A history of life on Earth

Designer Genes (PDF) • The Boston Leadership Institute’s Summer Program in Biological Research

iGEM (PDF) • Synthetic biology, brick by brick

In My Own Words (PDF) • Carol Greider

Land & Sea (PDF) • Marine science at CTY

My Summer at SIMR (PDF)

One Step Ahead (PDF) • Insects, Geckos, and Birds

Our Second Genome (PDF) • Our microbes and our health

Wild in the City (PDF) • A field intern at Alley Pond Environmental Center