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November/December 2016 •  Logic


In the Direction of Truth (PDF)  The author of An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments on informal logic in the real world

Logic: For Math & So Much More (PDF) A CTY course made logic available everywhere

A Brief History of Logic • A whirlwind tour of the field, from syllogisms to fuzzy logic

Problems, Proofs, and Probability • The Rutgers Young Scholars Program in Discrete Mathematics

Linguistics Olympiads (PDF) • Puzzles in disguise

Masters of Deduction • Great puzzles and their creators

Looking for a Good Argument • From debate to logic and back again

The Quest for Consistency • The amazing places you can go by reasoning properly

Lessons from Running • Insights gleaned from going the distance

Hacking the Hackathon (PDF) • Innovation fueled by coffee, collaboration, and camaraderie


Big Picture

In My Own Words (PDF) • Gillian Russell, Professor of Philosophy, UNC Chapel Hill

Selected Opportunities & Resources (PDF)

Off the Shelf • Review of Ted Chiang’s Stories of Your Life and Others

Word Wise

Exploring Career Options • Interview with Assistant U.S. Attorney Jordan Lancaster Estes

One Step Ahead • Becoming comfortable with choices and changes

Planning Ahead for College (PDF) • Preparing for college in high school

Students Review • University of Chicago

Mark Your Calendar

Knossos Games


These related articles were published in previous issues of Imagine:

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Decisions by the Numbers (PDF)  A brief exploration of game theory

Elliptic Curves (PDF) • The story of a young cryptographer

A Gamer’s Apology  (PDF) • The benefits of computer strategy gaming

Getting Started with Computational Problem Solving  (PDF)

In My Own Words (PDF) Sanjoy Mahajan

In My Own Words (PDF) Eugene Volokh

Lessons from Chess (PDF)

Math at the Science Fair  (PDF)

The Philosopher’s Toolbox (PDF)