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March/April 2016 Imagine cover











March/April 2016 •  Service & Leadership


Run, Ride, Sell  Funding causes that matter

Start Something! • Initiatives by kids, for kids

Changing Lives, One School at a Time  Making a difference for students in need

Empowered to Make a Difference (PDF) • The Civic Leadership Institute at CTY and CTD

Sharing the Gift of Music  • The Forget-Me-Not Family Ensemble

Service, Leadership, Entrepreneurship...Launch! (PDF) • Learning the art of the startup at MIT Launch

Sharing the Rewards • Building a shadowing program for my peers

Discovering the Leader Within • Exploring leadership and social justice at Brown

Gap Year • A time to refresh, serve, and grow

Research at the Edge of the World • An Antarctic photo essay


In My Own Words (PDF) • Senator Barbara Mikulski

Selected Opportunities & Resources

Off the Shelf • Review of Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See

Word Wise

Exploring Career Options • Interview with entrepreneur Henry Albrecht, CEO, Limeade

One Step Ahead (PDF) • My college startup

Planning Ahead for College • Skills and knowledge for college success

Students Review • Lehigh University

Mark Your Calendar

Knossos Games


These related articles were published in previous issues of Imagine:

Bernard Amadei, Founder of Engineers Without Borders USA  (PDF) 

The Black Gold Miners (PDF) • Saving money and the planet 

Book Buddies (PDF) • Transforming used books into treasures 

Devoted Awareness (PDF) • My internship with Until There’s a Cure  

Funding Hope (PDF) • Raising money to fight cancer 

The Gift of the Peace Corps (PDF)

Going Full Circle with Ocean Conservation (PDF) • Student-powered solutions to marine environment challenges 

Grease Is Good (PDF) • Helping the environment and the community with biofuel 

The Inner Scientist Reaches Out (PDF) • Helping students discover science with Shooting STARs 

Learn & Build (PDF) • Two weeks with Habitat for Humanity 

Making a Difference through Community Service (PDF)

Music to My Ears (PDF) • Turning young musicians into mentors

Project Jatropha (PDF) • Changing the world, one seedling at a time 

Serving the Community Beyond the Quad (PDF)

Super (PDF) • An arts magazine for everyone  

Voice of the Students (PDF) • Student Member of the Board