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Gifted Education for 9-12 Graders

The challenge

In high school, advanced learners continue to identify and pursue their academic goals. 

The answer

CTY grows with students through high school.  CTY students who qualified for CTY courses in 7th and 8th grade stay eligible for available options through their senior year.  Students not yet affiliated with CTY can join and test now for possible eligibility for CTY’s options for high school students.

How CTY works

CTY is a multi-tiered program, and participation in some courses is based on qualifying score results on the college SAT, ACT, or on the School and College Abilities Test (SCAT). Students may take the SAT or ACT on their own (register online at or or register with CTY to take the SCAT test.

CTY means opportunities

Students who test and receive qualifying scores can take their academics to the next level.  Our options are highly regarded choices for smart, motivated, engaged students.

CTY Online Programs offers a number of different math, high school science, Intro to Forensics, foreign language (Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish), computer science and technology, Mastering the Fundamentals of Music, writing, grammar (From Structure to Style), critical reading (Young Adult Readers), visual fluency (Visual Literacy) and Advanced Placement courses to high school students with qualifying scores.

 CTY also offers hundreds of courses through our Summer Programs for qualifying students up to 10th grade. Two special options are offered to high school juniors and seniors: The Civic Leadership Institute is in Baltimore, Maryland, and Berkeley, California; and Global Issues in the 21st Century at Princeton University.

Students who test through CTY automatically qualify for CTY’s Family Academic Programs—one-day or weekend courses tailored for older high school students thinking about college and career paths.

Qualification details