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Financial Aid FAQs

Summer Programs FAQ


Q: What documentation do I need to complete my CTY Summer Financial Aid application?

A: Submit the following income documentation in PDF format with blacked out or deleted Social Security numbers*:

  • A copy of parent(s) signed 2015 (or 2014**) federal income tax return with the following, if applicable:
    • Schedules A, C, D, E, and/or F
    • Form 4562
  • All 2015 W-2/1099 forms;
  • Documentation of all 2016 nontaxable income such as Social Security income, unemployment compensation, child support, etc.

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Q: I will not have my current year's taxes done in time to apply. Do I have to wait to send in my application?

A: No, you do not have to wait! If parents are not able to file their 2016 tax return before submitting the financial aid application, we will accept, in PDF format:

  • A copy of the completed 2014 federal tax return with forms and schedules (if applicable—schedules A, C, D, E, F, and/or form 4562); AND
  • A copy of the 2015 W-2 /1099 forms or a copy of parents’ last pay stub(s) of 2015 showing a YTD income; if parents are self-employed, an estimated 2016 profit/loss statement is acceptable; AND
  • An explanation/documentation of any significant changes from 2015 to 2016 (e.g., unemployment, exemptions, deductions, other income, foreclosure, etc.).

Make sure all Social Security numbers are deleted or blacked out. Please submit all income documents in PDF format. Your application will not be considered for a course or financial aid until we have received parent(s) income documentation.

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Q: Do I have to pay a deposit if I am applying for financial aid?

A: If the tuition deposit is a hardship

  • The online financial aid application may automatically decrease the tuition deposit you owe based on income information provided. The amount due will show in “tuition deposit” at the end of the application. If you still have questions or concerns at that point, please contact the Financial Aid Office (800-393-6095).
  • Applicants completing paper forms should contact the Financial Aid Office (800-393-6095) before submitting their application to discuss a reduced deposit. Failure to do so could delay the application process.
  • If your income is less than $9,999.00, and you are unable to pay the $50 application fee and tuition deposit, you must complete the paper application. You will not be able to apply online.
  • If CTY finds income has been reported incorrectly, a student course assignment may be delayed until the deposit has been resolved.

Late applicants are not eligible for a reduced tuition deposit

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Q: What is the financial aid application deadline?

A: March 26, 2016

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Q: Do you consider my child's scores/grades for financial aid eligibility?

A: The financial aid for which you are applying is "need-based." You submit an application with income information so we can determine your financial need. We take into consideration parent's income and available resources. We also look at things like family size, geographic location and any documented special circumstances (i.e. job loss, change in family status, etc). There are a few merit based scholarship programs - the CTY Scholars and Richard B. Kerschner Merit Scholarship. These programs have separate applications procedures (contact CTY Scholars directly; contact the Financial Aid Office about Kershner).

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Q: Am I guaranteed financial aid if I've received aid from CTY in the past?

A: Families must apply for financial aid each year, as eligibility is based on current financial status and available CTY resources. A previous award does not guarantee an award for 2016.

A student with a previous account balance will not be eligible for financial aid until the account is paid in full, nor will he/she be assigned to a course.

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Q: Can my child participate in more than one session?

A: If your child participates in both summer sessions, you are not eligible for financial aid. To receive summer financial aid, your child is only able to attend one of the 3 week sessions.

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Q: What if the financial aid you award to us is not enough?

A: Your financial aid eligibility is based on the information submitted with the financial aid application. For this reason, it is important to include anything that you feel will help the Financial Aid Committee determine your current financial need. We will only consider appeals for more financial aid if there has been a change since you filed the original financial aid application, such as a job loss, income loss, change of family status, etc.

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Q: How do we complete the application if parents are divorced or separated?

A: You will need to provide information for the custodial parent only. The custodial parent is defined as the parent with whom the student has lived the majority of the past 12 months. If that cannot be determined, or if there is a 50/50 split, then determine which parent has provided the most support in the past 12 months (i.e. financial, food, clothing, shelter, etc). If the custodial parent has been remarried, the step-parent's information must also be provided.

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Q: Are non-U.S. citizens eligible for financial aid?

A: Students must be citizens of the U.S. or eligible permanent U.S. residents (with a green card) to be considered for financial aid. Parents must be able to document income. International students and students residing outside the U.S. do not qualify for financial aid.

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Q: When will we be notified of a financial aid decision?

A: Depending on when we receive your completed financial aid application, every effort will be made to determine a financial aid award in conjunction with course assignments. You should be notified of your financial aid award within 30 days of your course assignment email notification. The postmark deadline for CTY Summer Financial Aid applications is March 26th 2016. NOTE: This is two weeks earlier than the Program Application deadline: if applying for financial aid, both applications are due March 26th.

Late applications will be considered for financial aid if funding is available. Early applications are strongly encouraged to ensure full consideration for limited available funding.

Families are also encouraged to seek funds from local agencies such as school districts, community service organizations, business associations, civic organizations and religious groups.

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Online Programs FAQ

Policies and Procedures

  • To receive Online Programs financial aid, a student may apply for only one session-based, flexi-paced or individually-paced course per fiscal year, which starts July 1. Receiving aid for Online Programs does not affect financial aid eligibility for other CTY Programs.
  • No financial aid will be awarded if requesting more than one course.
  • Financial aid for Online Programs courses does not affect Summer Programs' financial aid eligibility.
  • Financial aid is only awarded to families not owing tuition or fees for a previous program.
  • Financial aid is not available to international students. Financial aid applications cannot be processed without a U.S. tax return. If a student is not a United States citizen, documentation of permanent residency is required.
  • Given limited financial aid resources, families with adjusted gross incomes greater than $50,000 are discouraged from applying although all applications will be reviewed.
  • CTY's Financial Aid Office will notify parents of financial aid decisions within two weeks of the receipt of application, assuming all documentation is in order
  • If a student receives a partial financial aid award, any remaining balance will be invoiced by the Student Accounts Office and will be due in full within 25 days.

Questions concerning financial aid should be addressed to the CTY Financial Aid Office: (410) 735-6031 or

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Q: If I submitted a Financial Aid application for the 2016 Summer Program or Family Academic Programs, am I responsible for submitting a Online Programs Financial Aid application as well?

A: Yes, the CTY Online Programs program has its own application process. You must submit the CTY Online Programs Program application along with the CTY Online Programs Financial Aid application with the required tuition deposit. This must be submitted at least 30 days before the course start date.

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Q: Must I resubmit my 2015 taxes to apply for the Online Programs program?

A: We will accept prior year tax returns to complete your financial aid application. You may send a copy of the 2014 federal tax return (with all accompanying schedules and W-2 forms) along with documentation of all 2015 income (such as 2015 W-2/1099 forms, copy of the last paycheck stub(s) from 2014, etc). If the Financial Aid Office already has a copy of the 2014 tax return on file, you need only send the 2015 income documentation.

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Q: What are the Financial Aid application deadlines for applying for the Online Programs program?

A: For the Online Programs Math program, students may enroll in the individually paced courses and start at anytime during the year. For the session-based courses, such as AP, language arts, writing series and foreign languages, the Online Programs Financial Aid application deadlines correspond with the Online Programs Program application deadlines. However, please note that the Financial Aid application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the course start date.

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Q: Can my child participate in more than one Online Programs course?

A: If applying for financial aid, students may apply for only one session-based or flexi-paced course, or one three-month individually paced course in a fiscal year. Fiscal years start July 1st. However, a student can apply for financial aid for one Summer, Online Programs and Family Academic Program per fiscal year.

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Q: If I receive Financial Aid for the Summer Program, may I apply for one CTY Online Programs course?

A: You may receive Financial Aid for one Online Programs course and one three-week Summer session within the same year.

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Q: Are non-U.S. citizens eligible for financial aid?

A: Students must be citizens of the U.S. or eligible permanent U.S. residents (with a green card) to be considered for financial aid. International students and students residing outside the U.S. do not qualify for financial aid.

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Q: Will my tuition deposit be returned if I am not awarded sufficient Online Programs Financial Aid?

A: Yes. For Online Programs financial aid only, you will be notified by email of your financial aid eligibility. Your response of your child's Intent to Attend the Online Programs program will either confirm his/her course assignment or generate the deposit refund process. You must also notify the CTY Registration Office at of your child's withdrawal decision for the refund to be processed.

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