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Family Academic Programs Disability Services

CTY's Family Academic Programs offer all CTY Talent Search participants a variety of opportunities to engage in enriching and informative activities with their families.

How to Request Accommodations for CTY Family Academic Programs

If you or another attendee of a CTY Family Academic Program anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided for a particular Family Academic Program, be sure to contact CTY Disability Services in advance of your participation or visit.

Even if you are not requesting formal accommodations, you may also contact CTY Disability Services to discuss an individual's condition and any information you wish Family Academic Programs staff and staff at events to be aware of related to the condition. This information can often better help CTY staff support individuals participating in our programs.

You can contact CTY Disabilities Services at: 410-735-6215 or Please note this email and voicemail are checked regularly, but you will be directed to leave a message. Your call or email will typically be returned within 48 business hours.

Please call the above number or email the above address prior to beginning any program and as soon as possible, even if you are requesting accommodations for your child and he or she has received these accommodations in a past CTY program, or was evaluated by CTY’s Diagnostic and Counseling Center. Information of this nature is privileged and is not shared between departments at CTY without your written release.

Documentation Guidelines

For reasonable accommodations to be provided, current documentation from a qualified individual knowledgeable about the individual’s disability may need to be submitted to our office within the designated time frame. You can find further guidelines regarding documentation on the Documentation Guidelines page.

When you contact CTY Disability Services, staff will also be able to answer your questions regarding documentation required for your child’s disability and the accommodations requested.

Additional Considerations

  • Costs for personal attendants, personally prescribed devices, or services which involve travel and other expenses are typically the responsibility of the student’s family.
  • If you have urgent questions regarding accommodations for your child, please feel free to contact Melissa Kistler directly at 410-735-6206 or

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Rolling Deadline Reminder! 

  • Summer Programs: Contact CTY Disability Services by MAY 15th to request accommodations!
  • Other Programs: Contact CTY Disability Services  as soon as you register for other programs to request accommodations!
  • Email CTY Disability Services
“We are so grateful to CTY for providing an environment where our son can be adequately challenged academically and at the same time feel like an accepted part of a social group.”

Lisa M. , CTY Parent