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Order Descartes' Cove

Use promo code 'YJUL" to receive a 50 percent discount on the Descartes' Cove CD set!

Descartes' Cove Math Series is $150, plus shipping charge ($5 to US addresses, $10 for all others).

Ready to order? Please read the system requirements below before ordering. Click here to order your 6-CD set of Descartes' Cove!

You can also order the Descartes' Cove Math Series and the complete Solutions Manual by calling the Johns Hopkins University Press, 1-800-537-5487, and ask for:

  • Descartes' Cove Math Series, ISBN 9781881622185
  • Descartes' Cove Solutions Manual, ISBN 9781881622192

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows, or older Macs (10.6 or less, does not support Lion or newer)
  • CD drive, sound
  • permission to open & save user files on the hard disk