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The Underground River Adventure

Algebra: The Underground River Adventure is most appropriate for students who are currently studying Algebra I or for students who have already completed Algebra I. This module also functions as an excellent review of algebraic concepts. Special attention is devoted to using algebra as a tool for problem solving. This module follows the NCTM standards for Algebra.

On this adventure, students will:

  • Understand patterns, relations, and functions
  • Represent and analyze mathematical situations and structures using algebraic symbols
  • Use mathematical models to represent and understand quantitative relationships
  • Analyze change in various contexts

Sample Problems

The Underground River Adventure begins in the Hot Springs, where you will design stepping stones over the pool. The map of the island, divided into quadrants, will help you navigate.

In Quadrant II, you will find rows of arched doors that will lead you to new problems. Beyond this cavern lies a new tunnel -- be careful where you step. Check your backpack, buy hints, and look closely at Descartes' Secret File.

When you reach the Underground River, the frogs and fish will help you find your way. Hold on tight to the raft when you're ready to go on! The raft may be a little unstable....

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