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Science & Engineering

Online Programs offers academically advanced middle school and high school students a variety of science courses, presented in a dynamic online environment that includes graphics, animations, video, and audio-narration. Students are guided by expert CTY science educators, who communicate via virtual classrooms, email, and phone. Instructors are trained in the use of technology and are knowledgeable about the best practices in distance education for exceptionally bright students. Several courses include virtual exercises, hands-on experiments using common household objects, and special science lab kits.

Students who enroll in the individually paced middle school science or high school science series may start at any time during the year and progress at their own pace within their enrollment period. Introduction to Forensics and Inventions in Engineering are offered during 12-week fall, spring, and summer sessions. Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering is offered during 10-week fall, spring, and summer sessions. AP science students may enroll in the 12-week intensive summer or spring sessions or for the 30-week academic year session. The AP science courses have been reviewed by the College Board and are authorized to use its "AP" designation.

Learn more about Online Programs science courses:

  • Select a link on the course list to learn more about Online Programs' extensive science program, offered year-round, that includes middle school, high school honors, forensics, engineering, and AP science courses.
  • Visit the FAQ to learn more about how individually paced middle school and high school honors science courses work.
  • Contact if you have questions or would like to discuss your child's situation.
  • Students with qualifying math scores may apply online for an individually paced science course and start in about two weeks.
  • Learn how schools partner with Online Programs and how some students use CTY courses to earn credit and placement with their schools.

Science and Engineering Courses

 Course FormatsCoursesGrade LevelsQualified Scores
Middle School ScienceIndividually PacedEarth and Space ScienceGrades 6-8*M
Life ScienceGrades 6-8*M
Physical ScienceGrades 6-8*M
Session-BasedIntro to ForensicsGrades 6-9M or V
High School ScienceIndividually PacedHonors BiologyGrades 8-12*M
Honors ChemistryGrades 8-12*M
Honors PhysicsGrades 8-12*M
AP ScienceSession-BasedAP BiologyGrades 9-12M
AP ChemistryGrades 9-12M
AP Physics 1Grades 9-12M
AP Physics 2Grades 9-12M
EngineeringSession-BasedInventions in EngineeringGrades 3-5M
Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering New!Grades 3-6M

*Suggested grade levels only. Students may enroll in a course above their own grade level if it is appropriate for their ability.