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Academically advanced students should be able to learn as fast as their abilities allow. Online Programs individually paced mathematics program, led by CTY instructors and tailored especially for gifted students, helps them do just that. Students may start at any time during the year and progress at their own pace within their enrollment period.

Your child's instructor will provide guidance and encouragement as the student progresses through the course. Students gain mastery and confidence, learning at a pace that is commensurate with ability. Students and instructors communicate via email, phone, and interactive virtual classrooms. Instructors are trained in the use of technology and are knowledgeable about the best practices in distance education for gifted students.

Learn more about CTY Online Programs mathematics courses:

 Course FormatsCoursesGrade LevelsQualified Scores
Elementary Mathematics CoursesIndividually PacedAccelerated Grade 1 Mathematics ClosedPreK-1*M
Accelerated Grade 2 Mathematics ClosedGrade 2*M
Accelerated Grade 3 Mathematics ClosedGrade 3*M
Problem SolvingIndividually PacedProblem Solving in ArithmeticGrades 6-7*M 
Problem Solving in Pre-algebraGrades 6-9*M
Problem Solving in AlgebraGrades 6-9*M
EnrichmentIndividually PacedIntroduction to ChessGrade 3 & aboveM or V
Cryptography: Math and CodesGrades 4-6*M
Competitive MathematicsIndividually PacedMath Olympiad for Elementary School StudentsGrades 5-6*M
MATHCOUNTS® PrepGrades 6-8*M
MATHCOUNTS®Grades 6-12*M
Competitive Mathematics PrepGrades 7-12M
Competitive Mathematics I New!Grades 9-12M
Competitive Mathematics IIGrades 10-12M
Honors MathematicsIndividually PacedHonors Grade 4 MathematicsGrade 4*M
Honors Grade 5 MathematicsGrade 5*M
Honors Pre-algebraGrades 6-8*M
Honors Algebra IGrades 6-9*M
Honors GeometryGrades 6-10*M
Honors Algebra IIGrades 7-10*M
Honors TrigonometryGrades 8-11*M
Honors PrecalculusGrades 8-11M
Advanced PlacementIndividually PacedAP StatisticsGrades 9-12*M
AP Calculus ABGrades 9-12*M
AP Calculus BCGrades 9-12*M
AP Calculus CGrades 9-12*M
College Level MathematicsIndividually PacedMultivariable CalculusGrades 9-12*M
Linear AlgebraGrades 9-12*M
Differential EquationsGrades 9-12*M
Introduction to Abstract MathematicsGrades 9-12*M
Introduction to Complex AnalysisGrades 9-12*M
Introduction to Real AnalysisGrades 9-12*M

*Suggested grade levels only. Students may enroll in a course above their own grade level if it is appropriate for their ability. Placement testing is available to help students select an appropriate course.