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AP Spanish Language and Culture

Open to: Grades 9 - 12

Prerequisites: Qualifying reading/verbal or math score and at least three years of Spanish language study

Course Format: Session Based. See calendar for session dates and application deadlines.

Course Length: Academic year session: 30 weeks. Intensive spring and summer sessions: 12 weeks.

Recommended School Credit: One academic year

Course Code: APSP

Course Description


This AP Spanish Language and Culture course is conducted primarily in Spanish with authentic materials form the Spanish-speaking world, and it is equivalent to a third year college course in Advanced Spanish writing and conversation. This course is designed to provide students with various opportunities to further improve their proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to be ready for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Examination.

The instructional philosophy of this course includes the integration of the four required language skills that are critical to the successful usage of Spanish: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The general flow of each week’s work comprises of vocabulary, grammar structure, literary analysis, application of passive and active vocabulary, supplementary reading, and finally, writing assignments and tests. Students should be able to achieve the following objectives:

  • To continue to develop communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • To be able to understand the textbook lessons and supplementary materials and participate in discussions using the Spanish language.
  • To be able to use the knowledge gained through course materials to develop critical thinking and writing skills to compose essays in Spanish on given topics.
  • To be able to use the Spanish language to communicate effectively both in the school setting and in real-life situations.
  • To be able to use Spanish as they seek clarifications through the use of communication and language learning strategies that are running elements of the course.
  • To be able to carry on a conversation or a discussion with other students in class.

The AP Spanish Language and Culture class will be conducted exclusively in Spanish. Students are required to speak Spanish as much as possible in the classroom and in Skype sessions. Students are also expected to read and write essays in Spanish on a weekly basis.

Materials Needed

A textbook and workbook are required for this course:

  • Temas, AP Spanish Language and Culture. Vista Higher Learning. 2014.
  • AP Spanish. Language and Culture Exam Preparation. Vista Higher Learning. 2014.

The books can be purchased together from the Vista Higher Learning CTY Online Programs store.

Students will also need a headset with microphone.

A Spanish-English Dictionary, while not required, may be helpful as a personal reference for the duration of this course.

Detailed Course Information

Course Details

The following themes will be covered in the course:

Families and Communities / Las familias y las comunidades 

  • Customs and Values / Las tradiciones y los valores
  • Education Communities / Las comunidades educativas
  • Human Geography / La geografía humana
  • Social Networking / Las redes sociales

Science and Technology / La ciencia y la tecnología

  • Effects of Technology on Self and Society / Los efectos de la tecnología en el individuo y en la   sociedad
  • Health Care and Medicine / El cuidado de la salud y la medicina 
  • Natural Phenomena / Los fenómenos naturales
  • Science and Ethics / La ciencia y la ética

Beauty and Aesthetics / La belleza y la estética

  • Defining Beauty / Definiciones de la belleza
  • Defining Creativity / Definiciones de la creatividad
  • Language and Literature / Lenguage y literatura
  • Visual and Scenic Art / Las artes visuals y escénicas

Contemporary Life / La vida contemporánea

  • Education and Careers / La educación y las carreras profesionales
  • Entertainment / El entretenimiento y la diversión
  • Travel and Leisure / Los viajes y el ocio 
  • Relationships / Las relaciones personales

Global Challenges / Los desafíos mundiales

  • Economic Issues / Los temas económicos
  • Environmental Issues / Los temas del medio ambiente 
  • Population and Demographics / La población y la demografía
  • Social Welfare / El bienestar social

Personal and Public Identities / Las identidades personales y públicas 

  • Alienation and Assimilation / La enajenación y la asimilación
  • National and Ethnic Identities / La identidad nacional y la identidad étnica
  • Personal Interests / Los intereses personales
  • Self-Image / La autoestima

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Time Required

The intensive summer and spring sessions require an average of 7-10 hours per week for 12 weeks, without any breaks. The academic year session (30 weeks) requires 5-7 hours per week, with breaks for holidays.

System Requirements

CTY Online Programs courses require a properly-maintained computer with Internet access and a recent-version web browser (such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer) with the Adobe Flash plugin. Students are expected to be familiar with standard computer operations (e.g. login, cut & paste, email attachments).

This course makes use of online audio communication. Broadband internet access, a microphone, and headphones are required.

This course uses an online classroom for individual or group discussions with the instructor. The classroom works on standard computers with the Adobe Flash plugin, and also tablets or handhelds that support the Adobe Connect Mobile app.

CTY Online Programs World Language - Comments and Feedback from Students, Parents, and Teachers



"I enjoy the course very much. The individual attention during class makes it a very enjoyable hour, and the friendliness and relaxed atmosphere make class something to look forward to each week. I can't wait to continue with the next level!"

"My son's foreign language instructor has had the challenging task of forging bonds with her students without being face-to-face with them in a classroom on a daily basis, while teaching them a language quite different from their native tongue. She has inspired our son with her enthusiasm, her expertise, and her extraordinary conscientiousness, kindness, tolerance, and patience. I have rarely had the pleasure and honor of being the parent of a student with a teacher who goes so far above and beyond."

"I really like this course, and I love the way the teacher teaches it. Her style of teaching makes it easier and more fun to participate."