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Selection and Application Process


CTYOnline admits students with demonstrated outstanding academic abilities. CTYOnline accepts qualifying scores on the SCAT, STB, PSAT, SAT-I, and ACT.

How to meet admissions requirements:

  • Students in grades 2-8 who have not yet taken any of these tests can arrange for testing through the CTY Talent Search.
  • Students in grades Pre K-1 or 9-12 should see the CTYOnline Eligibility Chart to determine what assessments and qualifying scores are accepted. Since they are not eligible for the CTY Talent Search, they will need to arrange their own testing to achieve appropriate qualifying scores.
  • Students who can demonstrate outstanding academic abilities but are unable to test through the Talent Search in time may apply for provisional admission to take one CTYOnline course while making arrangements to test.


To find out whether your child is eligible to enroll in a CTYOnline course, visit Eligibility or log into MyCTY.

Application Process

After you ascertain your child's eligibility, visit the Course List or Choosing a course for advice about how to select an appropriate CTYOnline course, and then apply to CTYOnline in one of the following three ways:

1. Apply online through MyCTY. Use your MyCTY login and password to apply through MyCTY (as parent). Most of your information will be prefilled for you. After logging in, choose CTYOnline on the left menu, then Application. You can also use MyCTY to:

2. Apply online. No login is needed, but your student information will not be prefilled.

3. Submit the paper application by downloading and filling out the application in pdf form.

Note: Those applying for individually paced courses must allow a minimum of two weeks between registration and the requested starting date. Those applying for session-based courses must apply before the applicable application deadline.


CTYOnline News and Deadlines

  • A few openings remain for the fall session of Writing, Critical Reading, Grammar, ESL, Inventions, Forensics, World Languages, Visual Fluency, and AP courses. Apply now .Classes close when full.
  • Students may enroll ANYTIME for individually paced math, computer science and technology, and most science courses, and start in approximately two weeks.
  • Math and/or verbal qualifiers may enroll in designated critical reading courses:
    Wild Things and Robot Encounters (GR2 &3);
    In Search Of and The Right Stuff (GR 4-6); and
    Dangerous Games and Rebellions (GR 7-9).