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General Information 

Mailing address:
Johns Hopkins University - Center for Talented Youth (CTY)
(name of contact or program)
McAuley Hall
5801 Smith Ave, Ste 400
Baltimore, MD 21209

Phone: 410-735-6277 or 6278
Fax: 410-735-6200

Directory By Department


CTY Scholars: 410-735-4101
Development & Alumni: 410-735-6007
Diagnostic & Counseling Center: 410-735-6238
Family Academic Programs: 410-735-6115
Online Programs: 410-735-6166
Student Accounts: 410-735-6063 or 6048 or 604
Summer Programs: 410-735-6277 or 6278
Summer Programs Employment: 410-735-6185


CTY Scholars: 410-735-6200
Family Academic Programs: 866-832-8621 (toll free)
Online Programs: 866-646-3816 (toll free)
Payroll/Human Resources: 410-735-6027
Registration: 410-735-6105
Student Accounts: 866-548-8021
Summer Programs: 866-345-3731 (toll free)
Talent Search: 410-735-6220


CTY Scholars:
Development & Alumni:
Diagnostic Counseling Center:
Family Academic Programs:
Online Programs:
Student Accounts:
International Programs:
Summer Programs:
Summer Programs Employment:
Talent Search:

Press/Media Inquiries

Maria Blackburn


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