Heidi WongWhen Heidi Wong was in first grade, her parents enrolled her in an international school so she could learn English. Growing up in Beijing, Heidi spoke only Mandarin. Her parents, both investors, spoke several languages, but not English.  

At first, Heidi struggled to keep up with her classmates who were native English speakers. “I was made fun of by some of the kids because I couldn’t understand what they were saying,” she said. Her parents helped by taking her to the library, where she would stare at children’s books in English for hours trying to connect the words with the pictures.

With time, she became fluent in English, and the children’s books later gave way to Edgar Allen Poe stories, Agatha Christie novels, and paintings by René Magritte and Jenny Saville. These supplied Heidi with endless hours of entertainment – but they also made her feel different....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.