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Awesome CTYers

Image of Awesome CTYers banner artwork that says "I love CTY."

Date: Sep 2014

CTY wins national grant for STEM education

More bright, low-income kids can study at CTY on scholarship, develop their interests in STEM fields, and expand their opportunities for college access, thanks to a generous grant from the Toyota U.S.A. Foundation....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

Want to earn millions? Do the math.

Jacob_LurieIt’s been a quite a year so far for CTYer Jacob Lurie. In June, he was named one of five inaugural winners of the Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics, which honors landmark achievements in math and the sciences and carries a $3 million award. On Sept. 17, The MacArthur Foundation awarded him one of its $625,000 “genius grants” for 2014...Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

CTYers part of making ‘pocket doctor’ one step closer to reality

XPrizeCTYIs it strep? Mono? If someday a wearable device gives you such a diagnosis, there’s now a chance CTY students helped make it. Seven CTY-affiliated undergraduates are part of a 19 member team from Johns Hopkins University that is a finalist in the X Prize Competition, which has a top prize of $10 million...Read more about this Awesome CTYer.