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Awesome CTYers

Image of Awesome CTYers banner artwork that says "I love CTY."

Date: Dec 2014

Beyond the book

Kelly_ChangTextbooks line the tables of Kelly Chan’s Chemistry in Society classroom at CTY Bristol, but she and her classmates are too busy learning to open them.

Monday they learned about plastics and polymers. Tuesday was metals, and the class did three labs. Tomorrow they will study food science, and bags of snacks await their attention in the lab .

With engaging discussions each morning led by instructor David Shellhamer and lab experiments each afternoon, the class uses textbooks only occasionally for reference.

It’s an entirely different way of learning from the lecture and memorization approach that she’s accustomed to at her school in Hong Kong, and Kelly, 15, is thrilled...Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

Learning for the love of it

At CTY, which Mike Martin attended for four summers in the 1980s, he discovered a place where he belonged. He took his first writing workshop, fed his intellect instead of hiding it, and made friends. “The program might have been responsible for every good thing I believed about myself during the dark years of childhood,” he says...Read more about this Awesome CTYer.