ctywritingDavid Moody of Cabot, Vt., likes geometry. And reading. But he’s always been a reluctant writer. “I had a hard time getting started and knowing what to do and how to do it,” says David, 13, who is homeschooled. “Sometimes it was really frustrating.”

Last fall David took “The Process of Writing” with CTYOnline and learned how to plan, write, and revise personal essays, fiction, and poetry. His poem “My Bird Feeders,” deftly illustrates the winter scene outside his kitchen window as a restaurant where goldfinches and other birds come to dine.

Just recently he learned that his poem was one of 75 selected from more than 12,000 submissions to be published this fall by the Young Writers Project in their annual anthology. He’ll give his first public reading on Nov. 8 at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

David is thrilled by the recognition, and he’s enrolled in another CTYOnline writing class so he can continue to polish his craft. “My first class was challenging, but it helped me learn and improve my writing. I’m excited to do more.”