XPrizeCTYIs it strep? Mono? If someday a wearable device gives you such a diagnosis, there’s now a chance CTY students helped make it. Seven CTY-affiliated undergraduates are part of a 19 member team from Johns Hopkins University that is a finalist in the X Prize Competition, which has a top prize of $10 million .

Aiming to make people healthier whether they live in New York or Nepal, the Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize is challenging inventors to create a portable gadget that can diagnose 16 medical conditions by evaluating five vital signs, and to do it with a very low error rate while motivating the wearer to take action on a medical need. 

The Johns Hopkins team, known as Aezon Health, includes CTY Talent Search students Alexander Crits-Christoph, Alexander Forrence, Stephanie Hao, Ravirasmi Jasti, Alexander Kearns, Tatiana Rypinski, and Krzysztof Sitko.

No matter the outcome, the Johns Hopkins team has already earned a place in the record books: It’s the only undergraduate team selected as a finalist in the 42-month-long competition that’s attracted entries from top inventors and institutions worldwide.