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Awesome CTYers

Image of Awesome CTYers banner artwork that says "I love CTY."

My Electrifying CTY Summer

Travis MorrisonThirty years ago, Travis Morrison was a computer-loving 12-year-old from Alexandria, Va., who had never spent much time away from home.

The small Montessori school he attended was something of a “hippie enclave,” complete with its own pet horse. In his free time, he liked to program hand-me-down computers and play sports, though he concedes he was “small and slow—which was frustrating, but it didn’t stop me.”

His world got a little bigger that June when he arrived at the CTY Summer Programs site at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa. “I had never been a summer-camp kid, and had never gone to boarding school, so I remember that having to get myself down to the hall for breakfast was a big deal,” Travis said....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

CTYer wins big in National STEM competition

Joe ZurierResearching a complex math problem can be tedious, lonely, and exasperating. But in the case of CTYer Joseph Zurier, it also led to a giant scholarship and a week’s worth of sushi. Yay math!

Joseph, 17, of Providence, R.I., spent last fall investigating “the joint problem,” a geometric uncertainty that attempts to determine the maximum number of joints that can be created using a given number of lines. It has potential applications in computer graphics and medicine....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

Postcards from the heart

William ScannellWilliam Scannell’s eye-opening trip to the Middle East as a 6-year-old sparked a desire to learn Arabic. Now, the fifth-grade CTYOnline student from Alaska is speaking, reading, and writing the language, and using his experiences to communicate with kids living in imperiled parts of the world.

William was just out of first grade when he first visited Jerusalem and other Middle Eastern cities with his father. In the airport on the way home, he told his dad he wanted to learn Arabic. He took his first class with CTYOnline in 2012 and picked up the language quickly. Now, three years later, he’s finishing up his seventh Arabic class.

“CTY is just pretty awesome and my instructors have been pretty nice and supportive of me even though I’m younger than everyone else,” he said....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

A home run for CTY

Dan MerzelDan Merzel is passionate about two things—math and baseball.

Math he excelled at in school and on his own, taking CTYOnline algebra courses in eighth grade, majoring in applied math and statistics at Johns Hopkins University, and earning an MA in math education.

Baseball he played afternoons and on weekends, first in Little League, then in high school, and later at Hopkins, where his team made it to the 2008 Division III College World Series....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

Where he wants to be

Anish RaviThis summer Anish Ravi, 15, spent three weeks at CTY learning as much as he could about genetics. “I love the hands-on learning of CTY,” says Anish, who also participates in the CTY Scholars Program, a four-year scholarship program that provides courses, advising, and support to high-achieving, low-income youth.

Then when he returned home from CTY, he volunteered for two weeks at a camp for underserved urban kids. As a science teacher and counselor, he shared his love for science with his elementary school campers....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.