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Awesome CTYers

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Five CTYers Take Top Prizes at 2016 Intel Science Talent Search

Intel STS 2016.Last Wednesday at a gala celebration in Washington, D.C., nine students were named winners of the 2016 Intel Science Talent Search, the prestigious competition sometimes called the “Junior Nobel Prize” that honors U.S. high school seniors who have conducted sophisticated, original research in math or science. Of those nine, five were CTYers.

Maya Varma, a CTYer from Cupertino, California, who received one of the three first-place awards, began her project two years ago with the help of a 2014 CTY Cogito Research Award, which provides winners with a small grant to purchase materials and a virtual mentor to help them complete a project they propose in their award application....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

Eleven CTYers Are 2016 Intel Science Talent Search Finalists

Intel STSThe 40 students named yesterday as national finalists in the 2016 Intel Science Talent Search (STS), the oldest and one of the most prestigious pre-college math and science competitions in the United States, came from 18 states and 38 high schools.

They also came from CTY.

Eleven of the 40 high school seniors, whose projects aimed to answer tough scientific questions and create technologies to improve people’s lives, were CTY students....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

On the Rhodes with Grace Huckins

Grace HuckinsIt’s not Hogwarts, but it’s close.

CTY alumna Grace Huckins is one of 32 U.S. students selected to receive a prestigious 2016 Rhodes Scholarship.

This fall, the Harvard University senior from Weston, Mass., will head to Oxford University to begin her doctoral study of neuroscience. She’s also eager to see some sites from her favorite book series when she makes her first trip across the pond.  

“I’ve wanted to go to England ever since I started reading Harry Potter,” she said.

After submitting application materials and interviewing twice in front of a panel of judges, Grace learned a few days before Thanksgiving that she’d been chosen as one of this year’s Rhodes Scholars....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

Solar Cell Researcher One of 80 CTYers Named Semifinalists at 2016 Intel STS

Audrey ChengAudrey Cheng loves chemistry. It’s a love the 17-year-old Californian says she did not inherit from her parents, both of whom are computer engineers. “Dad always declares, ‘Chemistry is a foreign language to us,’” says Audrey. “‘We don’t have that in our DNA.’”

Maybe not, but last week, Audrey’s project improving the energy output of organic solar cells earned her a spot as one of 300 semifinalists in the 2016 Intel Science Talent Search (STS), one of the most prestigious science and math competitions for high school seniors in the United States. It also made her one of the 80 semifinalists who are also CTYers. ...Read more about this Awesome CTYer.

CTY Sisters Send Homemade Weather Balloon to Space

Cat in SpaceSure, everyone loves a cute cat picture. But a cute cat picture launched into space by two little girls who captured the whole thing on GoPro cameras? That’s so CTY.

Seattle sisters and CTYers Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung, 8 and 10, with a little help from their parents, Winston and Jennifer, built their own weather balloon, fastened a picture of their cat, Loki, and a Lego R2-D2 figurine to the front of it, and launched it from a field in rural Washington over Labor Day weekend. The result was a quirky, magical, helium-fueled experiment that captivated viewers around the world: a video of the girls’ “Lego Loki Launcher” gliding over amber fields and drifting toward the edge of space has been viewed on YouTube more than 260,700 times, and has caught the attention of NASA, GeekWire, the Washington Post, and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.